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Slice of my <usually> boring life.
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Wednesday, June 20th, 2007
10:09 pm
...So we're getting pizza...!
Yeah. I became totally lazy and decided I was hungry, so I "internet-ordered" from papa john's. Hahahaha too funny! But that will be a nice surprise for Matt once he gets home. And I am so so so hungry it will taste oh so good!

Things are pretty good around here. We moved into our new place and it is so nice, I love it a lot. It is very cozy and I adore the huge kitchen and pantry. We will probably be here a few years at the least. Rent is good and we like it.

Other than that, we are thoroughly enjoying the Wisconsin summer. Tammy and I have been walking at least 3 times a week to get some exercise. It's nice to get out of the house every day too! I've also been working on some summer crafts and reading a lot of books. I just finished reading the sort of new autobiography of Alan Alda called "Never Have Your Dog Stuffed: and other things I've learned". It was super super super good, I was sad to have it end. If you're looking for a good and quick summer read I highly recommend it!! He seems like such a down to earth guy too.

Well, that is about all I've got to update on. Enjoy the nice weather while it lasts and get outside!!

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2007
10:23 pm
...So ugh...
The suspense is killing me for Lost.
Matt is working the overnight inventory tonight and we won't watch it until tomorrow!! LAME!!!

Other than that, things are okay :)


P.S. anyone want to give me $500 so I can see Cut Chemist in California?? please please?
Wednesday, May 2nd, 2007
12:56 am
...So Coachella photos...

And I saw Cut Chemist again. It was amazing. Full Coachella update on the myspace blog cause I'm too lazy to do it now.

Tuesday, April 24th, 2007
9:49 pm
...So awesome stuff....
Well we leave for California/Coachella in less than two days (I am so stoked it is amazing)!!
Cut Chemist will be there too and it will be killer.

Other than that, Matt and I have started moving into our new place (yay!!), but we will probably finish moving the week we get back. It is going to be nice to be able to go through everything and get rid of things and be more organized. And also to have parties and nice dinners and all that good stuff. Oh yeah, and take baths again!! YAY!!!

I'm trying to think of what else is new, but it is pretty much same ole same ole.
Tammy and I went out the other night and tried this new and super awesome bar called The Olive Pit, it is where Lava Java was by Rockwell sorta in the Walker's Point area.
They have totally delicious martinis and also yummy pizza, and a cool seating area in the back where we sat. It was a really fun night and we didn't spend too much money shopping beforehand, so that was good. We also tried another new bar the night before called City Lounge. It is on Layton in Cudahy, and was super awesome too. We had pomegranite martinis that were delicious and we met up with the boys there.

But I am really excited to be going out more now, and that is definitely good. I also went to a candle party over the weekend, and ordered some nice smelling tealights and a set of wall sconces for the new place, it will be nice to get them :)

So I guess that is all the news as of now. Oh yeah!! And the new pizza place Classic Slice in Bay View is the best ever. I think I almost live there... Well at least ate there two nights in a row last week and then felt silly for wanting to go there the next night!! Yikes.
Well, time for bed and trying to pack a little before tomorrow!! YAY!! Coachella is gonna rock.

Tuesday, April 10th, 2007
10:28 am
...SO SO SO Excited....
Yes. So Cut Chemist posted on his myspace that he will be playing Coachella on April 29th (the last day).
I think my brain just exploded with excitement. Wow. Coachella will be way way better than expected!! Gosh why do I love Cut Chemist so much (well we all know he's awesome).

Other than that, no new news to report. I quit my job at Barnes and am back at the cafe full time, so that is cool and I am adoring the free time I have had lately. I have also become obsessed with jelly beans, as Matt can attest to. But really that's irrelevent.

I just cannot believe Cut Chemist will actually be there. I am so overjoyed!!!

Tuesday, March 6th, 2007
11:41 am
...So freaking out...
...About just wanting to do everything at once. There are a few crafty things I gotta get kickin' on, mainly the swap I'm doing with Kali for fun things we like. I've got some ideas, but have to put them into action and today is when I am starting that.

I am also freaking about wedding stuff because I am getting way too excited to plan this. It is almost kind of laughable how excited I am about starting to plan, even though realistically it is like, over 2 years away. Matt and I were discussing the date last night, and basically it is narrowed down to June 20, 2009 and October 10, 2009. Wow. The problem is, Matt really likes the idea of October with the leaves changing and all (it would be pretty cool looking for photos...), but it is SUPER close to my birthday so I don't know...
I am liking the June date a lot since it seems like it would be perfectly warm and sunny and I just like the date more. Although, it would be 10.10.09 which is sorta cool if it was October. Hmmm. Well I'm sure we'll figure it out soon. I wish we would get it set just so we can start the hall thing and perhaps lock in a cheap price and all that. We are sort of inching towards liking the Lakefront Brewery the most, but we'll have to see when we get there.

As for the rest of the wedding update...we're going with a black and red theme, sort of classic elegant with modern neo-Asian/natural theme... Yeah I sound like a nerd now. But we've been thinking of ideas for things and it will probably come together nicely.

Other than wedding stuff... I have been seriously missing Charlie 1 like crazy!! Even had a dream about riding him, it sucks! The weather needs to get nice so I can ride my frickin bike again already!! Barnes and Anodyne jobs are still going along okay. I just am starting to feel lackluster in my life like I want to have another change in jobs, but I really like both of my jobs so who knows where it is coming from. It does happen after a while though, the feeling lackluster, but that is probably just from getting to know what I am doing and all that.

We're headed to Chicago tonight to see Dalek, one of Matt's fave musician people. So that should be good, especially since we'll get to stop for bagels on the way home. Mmmmmm. Best bagels ever.

Also, Coachella is approaching quickly. It's a little under 2 months away now, which rocks!!! It will probably also take some lackluster away since it will be a welcome getaway. We've got everything booked now and are actually flying into LA, so we'll get to see Hollywood for a little!! I so can't wait. It's going to suck to have to drive 2 hours back to the hotel once we get in, but I am so excited to see LA for the first time.

Well, I guess that is about it. Hopefully I'll have more crazy stories next update.

Wednesday, February 14th, 2007
11:57 am
...So I couldn't wait to post any longer!!!
Matt proposed to me last night!!!
Wow, I am way too excited it is the best!!!!

I love him so much and am SO looking forward to the rest of our lives together!!!!

As for the story... We went out for an late lunch/early dinner last night to Carrabba's (super yummy!!), and he kept going on about needing to go to the "store" to pick up my gift after we got home. So we get home and I wanted to make these red velvet cupcakes Matt has been wanting.... so I start to make them and get about halfway done, and he gets home....
He comes over and says "oh I got you your present", and it totally hiding something in his hands. He says "This cute little bird ring!" (Apparently he found this one at my parent's house when he was getting the real one) I was a little like, uh what?! But I sorta figured a little that something was up and knew it when I came into our living room!!!

He totally got down on one knee and everything and I was totally crying!! So yeah, it was pretty good :)
The "store" was my parents' house where he picked up my great-grandmother's ring. It is super beautiful!!! And it was also funny to hear him retell about the conversation with my parents, especially my silly dad!! Awww.

And I so wish we could be hanging out all day today instead of both having to work!! LAME!!! But we'll have off tomorrow so that is excellent!!

So that is my happy valentine's day story for all of you!
I hope you all have an excellent valentine's day and most definitely eat lots of chocolate cause it is pretty good.

Saturday, January 13th, 2007
2:03 pm
...So Updating...
Gosh things have been busy lately! I am between my two jobs right now so it is probably update time.
Matt and I are going to Chicago in hmmm...3 days? I so can't wait!! We are staying at this super cool looking hotel and will probably hit up a few museums since they have some free days when we are going. But mainly we are going there to go to Lush and spend my $50 gift card from Matt. I am just excited to be able to have 3 days to spend with him, since lately it is mostly that we see each other for a little, then one of us has to go to work.

So other than that nothing much fun or exciting is going on!

I finished up most of my crafting for the current craftster swap I'm in. It all looks so good!!! I'll post photos on the craft blog and try to cross post them here too. **Spoiler alert for my swap partner!!! (if you read this don't scroll down!!)***

For the swap, which is reading themed, I made these ultra cool book ends using old mystery novels (the covers are so cool looking!!), and also made a Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy blinged out booklight. It is amazing. I also knit my partner a cute tote bag for hauling around library books, and made a little reusable list thing so she can store her library card with her current books to read list.

So, it seems like I've really done a good job on this one, it makes me really happy!!! Although I am sad to say goodbye to the bookends, because I really like how they turned out!!! But that means my partner will probably love them too.

Well, I should be going to Barnes soon, so that's about it!

Thursday, January 4th, 2007
12:19 pm
...So haven't updated in forever....
Well, let's see. I haven't had a new post in forever, but there are a few new things I guess.
I got a new job at Barnes and Noble (a different one than the one Matt works at), and so far it is pretty good. My co-workers are pretty cool and the job isn't that bad yet. Aside from some annoying customers it is okay.

Other than that, Matt and I still haven't moved into our new place. We are still in the cramped up one, but that is okay too. However I must promise to Matt that I will keep the new place a lot cleaner than our place now. Mainly because we will have more room and I will actually have places to put things in the new place :)

We are going on a little getaway in a few weeks to Chicago, so that will be a nice break. For Christmas, Matt gave me a $50 gift card to Lush, accompanied by a note that said the rest of my present is in Chicago, so we get to go on a trip to Chicago to spend the gift card! It is great. He was finding us a hotel just now, and it looks like an amazing place. But I am super excited to go to museums and stuff. And Hala Kahiki the best bar in the world. And we can go to SuperDawg too, which I am so hungry for it isn't even funny!! So I just have to not go crazy at work for the next week and a half and I'll be okay!

Christmastime also brought me a little visit with Kali, we went out for a drink (only one though cause Matt and I are old and had to go to sleep to wake up early), and it was definitely good to see her. She gave me the cutest journal made from an old pac man christmas album!! It is so rad!! I am trying to think of a good use for it, and so far the best one I have come up with is a drink index for our future bar room.

New years was pretty cool too, we went to Shawn and Tammy's and ate a lot of yummy sushi and hibachi, then played some board games, it was a good time. Matt and I also had to feed Shawns room full of lizards when they were out of town a few weekends ago, that was interesting! haha, feeding them crickets was totally like Fear Factor, it was too funny. But alas, the lizards all got fed and none of them died thankfully, so I think we did good!

As for craftster endeavors, I am OBSESSED with doing the swaps again... I just did a yarn ball swap that was super fun, and now I am making things for the "reading is sexy" swap that I am enrolled in. So far my ideas are awesome!! I have started on two of the items, and the rest of them will be getting started on soon.

Okay, well time to go make use of my much earned day off!!!

Monday, November 6th, 2006
7:09 pm
...So crazy weekend...
This weekend was insane! Well, in a good way I mean.

Friday started with us going with Matt to the hospital. He was having those tests done on his heart. He was supposed to have a tilt table test and also that freaky thing where they run the wire to his heart. Thankfully, they figured out what the problem was during the tilt table test, so he didn't have to get the wire to the heart thing. Matt has low blood pressure! So it sucks he has that, but at least it is something that we can regulate and isn't very severe so that is good! We were pretty thankful I think that he didn't have to go through with the creepy wire thing. And now he gets to eat lots more salt and drink lots more water :) Awww. And the nurses got a kick out of Matt's mom and me crocheting these mary jane slippers while we waited for Matt.

Friday culminated in me being super excited over seeing Cut Chemist, who I love quite a lot. Poor Matt has had to put up with my being super excited ever since then too, but that is okay. Sabrina and I went to the show on Friday night and it was simply AMAZING. If you ever have the chance to see Cut Chemist you need to GO!!! It was probably the best show I have ever seen other than Daft Punk. Okay, well perhaps I am biased a bit because I already love Cut Chemist, and also because he frickin scratched me on the video screen!! hahah. Yes. FOR REAL. He did a little video part where he took 3 people (lucky me included) and made them give a little shoutout with our name and where we were from (you know I was all "MILWAUKEE!!!!" super loud and excited!). Then. He mixed the video with his turntables. It was incredible. I was in a Cut Chemist Mix. Sigh. I think it made my life.

But no, wait! It gets better!! Cut Chemist is on the last part of his set, and he like, comes around from where he was to give me the DVD of the raw video footage that he used to scratch with the turntables. After the show, you KNOW I had to wait around to get it signed! And I did, and he gave me specific instructions to post the DVD footage on youtube. Only thing that sucks is I can't figure out how to do this!! Seeing as how it needs to be converted to some format first... Gosh. I love Cut Chemist. Too bad I can't go see his show every day.

So that was my exciting Friday. Gosh, I still can't get over it, it sorta rocks.

Saturday was pretty lazy, Matt and I went up to Bayshore (again) and walked around for a bit, then got pissed because all the restaurants had super long waits. Then later, mom and I went to Art vs. Craft, which was a little disappointing compared to previous ones, but what can you do.

Sunday I had to work, so nothing too eventful then. But Matt and I got to be a little lazy and we tried the new Red Robin restaurant which was pretty darn yummy.

Well, that's probably the most excitement I will have for a while! Time for dinner (already!).

Wednesday, October 25th, 2006
1:02 pm
...So today already rocks...
..and I didn't even get to see Lost yet!!
Opened at work this morning, and made some good tips.

Matt and I are probably going to be in our current place until January or February (more likely February), which sort of sucks because it is so cramped now, but I think it is a blessing in disguise too because it will let us each save up a little more cash before we move. And it might also motivate me to get rid of some things so I can unpack a little before we move. But we have been on a sort of cleaning rampage lately. Well, not a total rampage, more of a like "we want the place to look nice" sort of thing. I cleaned the living room out the other day and it looks really good. Matt did the kitchen last night and it looks super nice too.

In Matt's reordering of the kitchen, our two coolers were finally moved out from taking up our floorspace, so the kitchen looks a lot roomier. So, today, I decided that hmm... I haven't tried the oven for a while (it hadn't been working since I moved in..the stove top burners work, just the oven didn't). So, I turn the oven on and play with the switch a little bit and what do you know?? OUR OVEN FINALLY WORKS!!! We are super excited. This means I can finally start baking stuff at home and we can have pizza again :) So to celebrate our oven working again, we are having papa murphy's tonight. Yum!!! But honestly, I am too excited for words.

Other than that, things are pretty much good. My birthday was fun, Friday went out for a late night pizza date with Matt then we met up with Shawn for a drink at At Random. Matt gave me this super beautiful white gold, opal and diamond chip ring which matches the earrings he gave me for valentine's day. Awww he is so thoughtful :) But we need to take it to get sized still, so right now I have one of those ring snug things on so I can wear it. Also went out to dinner with the family on Sunday and to play bingo with Matt and Melissa. That was fun but I swear bingo is so rigged so that people with the electronic bingo cards win more...but whatever.

Alright, well I have laundry that is calling my name so better attend to that!

Monday, October 9th, 2006
5:58 pm
...So finally reached a good spot...
Which doesn't really make for a good journal entry, but nonetheless, here is the update!

I finally feel like I am back at the point where I am totally happy. Which really honestly rocks!!

Started a new job last week at Bay View's new Anodyne Coffee. The tips rock so far, hopefully they stay pretty good, since I still don't know what I will be making, but I really don't care because the job is SO much better than my last one. I really am cut out to have a cafe one day.

Also, since the job is so close to my house, I get to ride my bike to and from work. It is so nice to not have to drive to work while getting in some exercise before and after work. All in all it is quite enjoyable.

The trip to visit Kali was great, I want to go back SO bad because the weather is starting to get cold, and I miss Kali!! Had fun though.

Ended up wandering around San Francisco on my first full day out there, confused looking for a train or bus to take me to the places I wanted to see. Unfortunately I am bad at locating trains and stuff, so I ended up:

*wandering around Haight street for a long time, catching lunch at a nice small cafe that had delicious food (though it was in a very obviously gay neighborhood so I was the only girl in the place)
*checking in to some record store that totally rocked (picked up 4 old albums) and had a resident boston bull terrier named Pagoda that I could've very well taken home with me, he was that cute (and yes, I took a photo....I am a nerd!). This record store can be seen in the background on some Payless ad that is running right now too, we saw that ad last night and I was like, "Matt!! It's that record store!!"
*Going back to the piers to check out Musee Mechanique which is home to a ton of those old fortune telling amusement machines as well at various peepshow machines and strange coin operated machines from 1900 onwards.

The second day I was out there I spent hanging with Kali. Went to church with her in the morning and got to see her do the children's sermon which she rocked at! After, we went to this great 50s/60s cafe for brunch and went for a dip in the hot tub at her apartment. Then we went back to her church for their picnic where Kali got to eat a ton of desserts to judge the chocolate contest. I was jealous!! The desserts all looked so good. It was a good time and it was cool to see where Kali works and how her church operates.

Monday was the best I would say though, because we went to Ironstone Vineyards for a tour and wine tasting. It was super fun and took nearly the whole day, but it was so worth it!! Picked up their excellent chardonnay chocolate sauce, it is simply wonderful. We also got some excellent photos with the 44 lb. gold piece that lives at Ironside. It was super huge and hilarious. I think we were both fairly amused that they had a 44 lb. gold piece.

Then I had to go home on Tuesday, and fortunately, flying by myself wasn't as scary as I had imagined it would be. I hope I can visit Kali again soon, perhaps with Matt along next time since I think he would really like the vineyard, and we talk about eventually moving there for a few years...although who knows if/when it would happen, it would be cool to know more about all the areas in CA.

Hmm. Not too much other updating aside from that. My birthday is coming up (not this weekend but next)and it sort of freaks me out since I will be 24... But that isn't too bad I guess.

Saturday, September 23rd, 2006
8:39 am
...So in California...
Yep. I took a short notice trip out to California to visit Kali! So far it is nice and sunny, a big change from when I left Milwaukee and it was gloomy out.

Today I will probably hit up San Francisco, but I am currently at this super cute cafe near Kali's house finding directions to the train station so that I can take that in instead of dealing with the traffic. So that is good at least! Hopefully I can make it out there without getting lost. That will be an accomplishment!

So yes, basically that is the update! Random, but still great. :)

Thursday, September 14th, 2006
8:49 pm
...So I am away from LJ for a bit...
...and they go and change their look so I get all confused!!

Well, at any rate. I am fairly settled in with Matt here, and it is actually kinda funny since I don't feel like I moved at all. It's like, I don't even feel like I lived at the last place. It is strange!! But it is okay too.

Also, in other news, tomorrow is my last day at my current job!!! I am excited about that, since I will probably have a good week off then. Unfortunately, I have a doctor yearly checkup thing on Tuesday, SO not excited about that...because I am a wimp and hate even thinking about getting blood drawn or having to get a shot! So hopefully she won't send me to get bloodwork, but I have a feeling she will. Oh well I guess.

On top of all this, I might have a good job lead at a local cafe here. I don't want to give off too many details in case it doesn't pan out, but Kali would know it as her and my favorite cafe, just a 2nd location. Gosh I am too stoked about that possibility.

We've also been having our share of misfortunes since I moved here... First off, the oven part of the stove broke the week I was moving in...so we can't bake anything. THEN, the fridge part of the refrigerator decided to break too!! But the fridge will be getting fixed tomorrow, which rocks considering it hasn't worked for about 2 weeks now and Matt and I (being such hardcore milk drinkers...yeah we go through a gallon of skim for me and a gallon of 2% for him each week it seems..) are in desperate need of calcium!!

Let's see...what else has gone wrong recently?? Well, I got into a minor car accident the day after labor day, on my way to work. I got rear ended on the rear right blinker and therefore my car will need a new bumper. Hopefully I won't have to pay anything on it (after the deductable which I SHOULD get back) because there was no way at all that I was at fault. But seeing as how insurance is screwed up the majority of the time, they will probably try to split it some stupid way like 90/10. Screw that, I mean really. I shouldn't have to pay nearly $80 because someone hit me. Honestly.

Then, yesterday, Matt's car decided not to start!! Good thing it works now, and perhaps our cursed luck is done playing tricks on us for the moment.

Okay, well I am going to get going after the short update so I can catch up on the journals I missed.

Saturday, September 2nd, 2006
5:16 pm
...So far so good...
...Well except for the computer!! I am currently updating from/solely using Matt's computer. I miss my laptop, Mr. Computer, so much it makes me a little sad. Unfortunately, he had one of the recalled mac batteries!! So it totally is freaking me out now and I haven't used him recently. Matt says I need to back everything up before we get the new battery in the mail (um yeah, they said it would take 4-6 weeks...lame). I kind of dread that, mainly because I could probably toss half the stuff on that computer, seeing as it was mainly just various drafts of things for college and whatnot.

Other than the computer issues...Matt and I living together so far is going well. We spent about an hour last night tearing through all my boxes that are still packed (due to the moving AGAIN in two months thing...), because I really wanted to watch Quicksilver and really wanted Matt to see it. Of course he didn't really want to see it as badly as I wanted him to. So we tore through EVERYTHING and didn't find it.... but then I found it in this box Matt and his friends packed up and was so excited!!! So we got to watch Quicksilver and oh man, it cracks me up too much. We also had to watch one of Matt's favorites, Pooty Tang... It was sorta funny. Okay, it was funny. We ended up going out for breakfast this morning and have decided that it is going to become a common occurance on the weekend for us to go out for breakfast once.

We ended up being lazy for a while and then Matt had to go to work, so I decided to play dance dance revolution in workout mode. I will probably start religiously playing it, and also ride my bike every day, because I really want to lose a few lbs. before Shawn and Tammi's wedding so I can get a super cute dress! The desk job has caused me to put on roughly 10 lbs., which sucks! And it was mainly due to the fact that I would get home and be so tired from the day that I would have no energy left to ride when I got home. I think a ride might be in order tonight and that is good. Need to get back on track!

Another thing I need to do....is....get a new job. There are a few places I have in mind, so that is good. Basically I am going to take a bit of time and just get a coffee shop or retail job for a while, until the MTEC program starts up and I can be in that (hopefully) to get certified to become a teacher, since yes, I have been STILL thinking about it after all of this time.

Well so much for the update as I can't think of much else to say!

Monday, August 21st, 2006
8:42 am
...So updating at work...
So I didn't have any time yesterday to update so I guess I will just do it now! My boss has PTO today and she is actually USING her PTO instead of coming into work and wasting a PTO for nothing. I don't get it but whatever.

I am about 3/4 moved into Matt's house, oh sorry, OUR house now. We moved the bed over yesterday and now I am a little less freaking out than I was. Although I do have a ton of things and it will be a cramped 3 months... But it will be worth it I am pretty sure.

Actually it is going to be difficult to be at work all day today because I really really want to just go home and relax with Matt, but also because I really want to move the rest of my stuff over and be done with it. Then all that I will have to do is work on cleaning the house and scrubbing everything so it looks nice and I can get my princely sum of security deposit back (which will be SO nice to put back into my savings for a while!!!).

As for work..I am in the process of doing the convention calendar, which is basically a folded up pocket-sized card that gives information about each of our sister organizations' convention dates for 2007-2012. Am waiting on 5 organizations to get their info back to me, and it pisses me off! It's like, just send the damn fax back already!!! But whatever. I'm just pissed since it is the only thing I have been entirely trusted with here, it's sorta my "baby" and I want it to be perfect before I leave here. So that is what I am preoccupied with here. Everything else is just back burner I guess.

That's about it for news I think. Might try to stop by this bike store I saw an ad for in Tosa, they are supposedly having some sort of basement clearance and they actually have fixed gears on the sale too. Think it might be a good chance to get a new bicycle, but we'll see about it probably after work tonight.

Well should probably be getting back to work now.. Nothing like being lazy the first hour on a monday!! Well, considering MOST people here usually do it too, but since my boss is sorta, well, cranky early on, I usually am stressing about something early on a Monday. hahaha, and the girl in the cube next to me is talking about how someone sent in a form for this trade show with "asphalt" in the name, and they spelled it "asfault" for the ENTIRE DOCUMENT. That is pretty bad (and hilarious!!). Well, that's about it. Have a good Monday everyone!!
Tuesday, August 15th, 2006
7:29 pm
...So ready for the next phase of my life...
Well. Yeah. I had a quite random interview at Espresso Christoph today, which sorta sucks since right now I practically live around the corner from it, but in a few weeks I'll be about 6 miles away. It seemed to go well, the owner had me do an espresso tasting with him which was actually quite rad. They indeed have excellent espresso. But I will also be applying a few other places so that I might have some options, and can hopefully make a similar (although probably a few dollars less) wage.

I also think that tonight is a good night to go out and ride Charlie 1, since I haven't in FOREVER. I miss him so much. But dinner must be in order first...

So, the next month will probably be full of me rearranging the pieces of my life so that they are more bearable and less stressful. Which, unfortunately, has been sucking in terms of me being hormonal girl, and all I can say is that I am so glad that Matt is as supportive as he is and helps me cheer up so much. And I am also glad that my parents are being as supportive as they are, because I was really apprehensive about them accepting the fact that I probably am not cut out to work in an office.

Right now, my house is in more disarray than usual, due to the packing up and moving stuff...which I hate!! But at least it is coming along. I'll pack up more stuff tonight so that Matt will be able to come pick it up on Friday or something. Also, I got to see the place where we'll be moving in November, which is on the front of the lot that Matt lives on now. It was pretty cool, the rooms are okay sized and the rent is excellent (and we'll have central air!!! I can't even wait!!). But the only bad thing (which is kinda good too) is that the landlord is fixing everything up, meaning new drywall, new cabinets, etc... so it may be done a little later than expected. However, it will be nice to have a larger place and just in time for Christmas. And get this, we will have a bar-room so we can have all you great people over for drinks :) and a spare bedroom so you can visit!! So I am pretty excited. And I've had that damn pussycat dolls "hustle up my BUTTons baby" song in my head all afternoon...lame considering I've only heard it a few times (well actually I'm glad I haven't heard it more!!). (and yes I know it is "loosen up my buttons" but it totally sounds more like hustle. really.)

Well, I gotta grab some dinner now so I can ride the ole bicycle.

Monday, August 7th, 2006
9:57 pm
...So I figure I might as well update...
Since it seems I'll be up for a little longer.. It is really difficult to go to sleep after four days of blissed out non-working and being laziness.

Took my first paid time off days this weekend so Matt and I were able to attend Lollapalooza in Chicago. So I had Friday, Saturday, Sunday, and Monday free.

And now tonight I realize that I really really don't want to go to work tomorrow!! (What else is new??!) Lame! But what can you do. Gotta make money somehow. I'm toying with the idea of getting a different job, which also sucks because I've been at this one for just 3 months, long enough to have my PTO in effect and be eligible for all the benefit stuff...but I really don't like it. It isn't really at all what I'd like to be doing, and I miss working with the public. Like a lot. I've been talking with Matt a lot recently, because I feel like I am really cut out to be in the service industry, like working in a restaurant/cafe setting or in a shop. It just sucks that people (mainly my parents) don't think that is a good enough full time job to have if you have a degree (which also doesn't make a ton of sense, cause like Matt says, so many people in retail, etc... have degrees).

So I will probably start looking around soon to find something that isn't going to make me as insanely unhappy as I have been for the past few months. I mean, the pay is pretty good and it's sad that that is the only thing I look forward to is getting my paycheck. I mean, don't get me wrong, I have always looked forward to payday, but at the other places I'd worked, I had customers to look forward to seeing, and also felt like I was making more of a difference in someone's happiness since I was able to help them out or maybe make their day a bit better. So yeah, basically I need to figure out where I want to be next. I am thinking that my time would be better spent working full time at a shop/restaurant and also doing an internship type thing that would allow me to use my degree and keep up what I'd learned to some extent.

Okay. No more work stuff...
Melissa and I went to see the Rentals and Ozma at the Pabst last week. It was a totally good show. They even played i.j.t.o.t.l.o.m.d. that I'd never thought I would be able to hear live. It made me smile big. Melissa and I went to the bathroom after the show, since we planned on staying a little longer for the meet and greet, and all of a sudden, we hear this guy's voice, and he is all confused like "wait, this isn't the men's room!!" and it was totally Matt Sharp. So that was pretty funny. But altogether a great show.

Then, the weekend with Matt and Lollapalooza...Okay well I can't give out tons of details since I really should be going to bed soon...but here are the music highlights:
--Reverend Horton Heat (played all of their super good songs, plus Johnny Cash cover)
--The Shins (would've been rad, but sound quality sucked!!)
--Theivery Corporation (probably the best set I saw all weekend. Totally cool and chill)
--Husky Rescue (Cool group that was sort of mellow)
--Mates of State (FINALLY got to see them! And they are adorable.)
--Feist (Really quiet and nice female vocal stuff)
--Peeping Tom (Mike Patton's new project)
--Wolfmother (Straight up rock 'n roll)
--The Flaming Lips (and me finally witnessing the craziness of them... with a giant blow up santa claus and about a dozen people dressed like Santa Claus; the inflatable giant ball; and everything else insane about them)
--Gnarls Barkley (ONLY dressing as tennis players...)
--Kanye West (a few songs of his... but we were so wiped out we just had to leave)
--Queens of the Stone Age (pretty good. They played some older stuff too, as well as something of Desert Sessions which Matt was pretty happy about)
--Broken Social Scene (pretty cool stuff, with a few female guest singers)
--Mixmaster Mike (just great. We only caught about 30 min. but still good)

AND the rest of the highlights:
--Perry Farrell (um yeah he is too ridiculous. And makes me crack up upon seeing him.)
--Running into two of the Blues Traveler guys (including the harmonica guy) on the corner outside of the event grounds.
--Cops on Segways.
--Matt and my ridiculous adventure of trying to find the parking office of the Millenium Park underground parking structure after the machine failed to give us our $7 of change after we paid $13 to park. It only took about an hour...
--Hitting up Superdawg um, like 2 or 3 times (I can't even remember how many it was...probably 2 though)
--Hala Kahiki the best tiki bar.
--Our crazy hotel which for some reason couldn't manage to keep a "Do Not Disturb" sign on our door (even the crappy one that I made by ripping a hole in some paper!!)... it was like people kept coming by and stealing them or something, so of course, we always got a knock at 8:00 and got pissed since we planned to sleep later... and also, um apparently Matt and I count as one person since they would only ever leave 1 towel in a king bed room... WTF??!!!
--Being super happy we had an ipass.
--The nice anniversary dinner on Thursday.
--Getting to be lazy and spoiled by seeing Matt for a lot of days in a row. And reminding myself that in less than a month we'll be in the same house.
--Matt buying the Guitar Hero game and us freaking out about it. It does rock though.

Well, I guess that about wraps up the highlights of the weekend. And it does make me sad that it is over and tomorrow is back to work :(

Wednesday, July 12th, 2006
10:40 pm
...So finally jumping in...
Well I have finally made up my mind about the moving thing, and have decided to take the plunge (haha not the big one though (yet)) and move in with Matt. His place is super cheap and we are both super stoked for the new phase of the relationship. Plus, it is closer to my work, right around the corner from my sister, and closer to my parent's house also. Oh yeah, and really close to At Random and Target (the important things). So now I will officially be a Bay Viewer.

Matt's started to rearrange his stuff so we can start moving mine in. He also got a new showerhead and shower rack (for shampoos and stuff) since the one thing I really don't love about his place is the fact that there isn't a bathtub, only a shower stall. But he's probably right and once I get used to it it won't be that bad. We're also going to get a nice sized shelf for our records, and a bookshelf since we both have tons of books. Honestly I hope all of our stuff fits in his apartment, since we're basically combining two 1BR apartments into one 1BR apartment... This should be interesting...

Tomorrow I go to this house buying class/informational thing. Basically they tell you all about buying houses and house taxes and everything. It seems like a good idea to start checking this stuff out now, so that we will be able to save more for the house while being better informed. Man I feel like such an adult lately!!

On the job front, it has been making me antsy lately. I am sort of getting really sick of the set schedule, which is ironic since it is one of the things I always really wanted at my past jobs. The pay is good though, I really don't mind that at all... And the other thing is that I wish we could wear jeans every day or at least have the option to... My work clothes are starting to drive me nuts. Also, not being able to sleep in past 8 on Saturdays has really been pissing me off too, since my body's all got it's internal clock messed up now... Ugh getting old and being adult sucks!!

The other thing that I have been up to lately is playing that Animal Crossing game for Nintendo DS (which I inherited from Matt when I got him the DS Lite for his b-day). It is way too addicting and it is quite a silly game. I've become obsessed with catching bugs and selling them. Hmm.

In other news, my little sister turned 21 on Monday, so that was pretty exciting. I am super stoked to be able to be like "Melissa um, let's randomly go to At Random at 10:00 tonight", especially since we'll be just down the block from each other. So that will be fun.

Alright, well time for sleeping now. Yay!!

Saturday, July 1st, 2006
7:27 pm
...So updating AGAIN! decisions suck...
Today I went over to Melissa's new place. It's pretty nice, but they were totally not unpacked at all... so it was a little messy there.

After that, I took a ride over to the rents since I was on that side of town, and no sense wasting gas to come back there again before Tuesday when we are going to a family friend's birthday party. So of course, I told my mom that I was thinking of moving out of my current apartment, since the rent is high ($600), and it is difficult for me to think about saving while paying all these bills on top of the rent. And for backstory, my parents are still helping me out a bit on rent, and I feel like a jackass for still taking money for it. Mainly, it's coming down to me needing to budget my checks so that I can pay off my bills and cancel the Sears and Boston Store cards I have and not worry about any of them anymore.

And today I had to do all I could not to lose it at their house, since I keep thinking about the $40/month pills and it has been really pissing me off. But I really can't break down about that in front of my dad since it would just be odd. My mom would understand sort of I think, but my dad would be like, whhhaat? and all confused like usual. So basically my mom didn't understand exactly why I was stressed...and then of course, she says "you can always move back here" which pisses me off a lot and I think she knows it..

Obviously (especially if you read my posts last year around this time...) looking for apartments stresses me out to the max.. and then there's the actual MOVING. That's even worse. And I love my apartment, but I really don't need to be on this side of town anymore, and in the winter it is going to suck to drive to work from here since it is about 30 min. away by freeway as it is now. Then there's the option of moving in with Matt, which would let us hang out a lot, would give me some added security (y'know, sometimes when you live alone you can't fall asleep cause it's too quiet), and would let us both be able to save up some money. But I'm still apprehensive about it because then I feel like we lose some part of the committment or it becomes less special or something (which is sort of insane to think too...) and it is driving me nuts.

So yeah, basically I need a cheaper place that is closer to Matt and my work so I don't have to drive a lot and can bike more.

Sorry for the negative posts lately, it's probably just me being hormonal stressed out girl again.

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